**Disclaimer-it’s late and I haven’t fully proofread this. Forgive any errors, I will fix them come the morning light!** Simple, not easy. I chose that word specifically because earning money isn’t always easy. There’s no, easy, no effort money making options out there. Writing blogs, making YouTube videos, even jobs like that take time and … Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money


5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money

My sister and I have become obsessed with the ‘MyFitnessPal’ app lately. We’ve set our calorie goal to the same thing and we are constantly checking each other’s food diaries to see what yummy food the other is eating that day…or sometimes the lack of yummy food, especially if yesterday’s caloric intake was over our … Continue reading Learning to Love my Biggest Shame.

Learning to Love my Biggest Shame.

This past weekend I got to spend some much needed time with one of my best friends. We were standing in her kitchen Saturday morning, drinking coffee, and talking about Jesus. What better combination than that?? I wouldn’t call myself (or my friend) bandwagon Christians…we don’t really follow the latest trends in mainstream Christianity, like … Continue reading Loving Jesus (…and sinning too)

Loving Jesus (…and sinning too)